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Youth Employed and Succeeding

The Youth Employed & Succeeding (YES) program works to keep disenfranchised young people from continuing in a cycle of poverty, crime, and hopelessness. The program stresses education and training as the avenue through which youth can achieve career goals and become successful employees, leaders, and active members of the community.

How does the YES program help young people?
Not a school and not a job bank, YES is a program designed to help eligible youth in Durham County:

·    Improve basic math and reading skills through tutoring and study skills instruction.

·    Earn their high school diplomas or GEDs through enrolling in alternative high schools or other educational settings.

·    Earn professional certifications and licenses to learn the skills needed in today’s job market.

·    Participate in career-building work experiences.

·    Develop leadership skills by taking part in community initiatives and events.

·    Pay for child care, books, transportation, work uniforms and other items they need to ensure success.

·    Connect to dedicated Youth Specialists who will guide them every step of the way as they work toward their goals. Youth Specialists will continue to provide guidance for a full year after exit from the program.

·    Learn from adult mentors in the community—successful business people and other professionals who are invested in helping youth develop the personal and life skills they need.

Quandisia's Story

Read about how the YES program helped Quandisia turn her life around.

Want to Refer Someone to the YES Program?

Simply download our referral form and send it to the Program Manager.

Durham County:
Coolidge Taylor
400 West Main Street
SouthBank Building
Suite #604
Durham, NC  27701
Fax: 919-402-4744