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Early Intervention

Early Intervention services at Community Partnerships are available to children, ages 0-5, in Wake County who have a developmental disability or a suspected delay in their development.


The Early Intervention program at Community Partnerships, Inc. currently provides:


Speech/Language Therapy--helps children articulate, understand, and use language.



Our Approach to Early Intervention:

    • A child with a disability is a child first:—All children learn by playing and interacting with others. No child should miss out on opportunities to learn and grow due to a disability.
    • Inclusion:All Early Intervention services are provided in child care centers, classrooms, and other locations that include children without disabilities. We do NOT provide services in segregated settings where children with disabilities are separated into special classrooms.
    • Interventions work best when they are a natural part of a child’s life—We believe (and research shows) that interventions are most effective when they are a part of a child’s regular routines. We design therapy sessions to specifically address the real-life situations that arise every day.
    • Parents are our most important partners—Parents are the single most important part of a child’s healthy development. Parents receive services to address their specific concerns, needs, and goals. Therapists also teach parents how to use and reinforce interventions on their own, so that the child can continue to learn and improve skills, even when the therapist is not present.
    • Collaboration—The Early Intervention staff believes in addressing the whole child. Along with parents, therapists work closely with child care providers, medical and other professionals involved in the child’s life.

Meet Our Therapist!

Kara Haywood





"Community Partnerships has made a profound difference in our daughter’s development" 

Learn about Sarena's story here...

The Early Intervention program is accredited by CARF.


Read more about CARF.