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Community Guide Services Now Available!

Community Guide services were introduced in North Carolina on February 1, 2013. They are designed to help children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities as they work towards increased independence and community inclusion.

The purpose of Community Guide services  is to:

  • Encourage self-determination and self-direction.
  • Increase participant's ability to be involved and included in his/her community.
  • Help participants develop social networks and connections within their own communities.

When you enroll in the Community Guide program at Community Partnerships, an experienced professional will:

  • Provide tailored resources that meet your individual needs.
  • Provide ongoing guidance and education that will help you find and maintain community supports.
  • Act as your advocate within the system, helping you secure the resources and supports you need.

Community Guide services are short-term, temporary (up to 6 months) and phase out as you achieve your goals. Services are also provided as needed: participants can enter, exit, and re-enter the program as their needs change.

Community Guide services can assist with:

  • IEP advocacy and parent education.
  • Understanding guardianship and the guardianship process.
  • Locating financial assistance to meet basic needs (such as housing and utilities).
  • Exploring organizations that can help pay for other necessary items (therapies, furniture, etc.).
  • Locating self-advocacy groups.
  • Locating after-school programs that include children with disabilities.
  • Transition to adulthood.
  • Locating social activities or social interest groups.
  • Educating participants and their families about how to navigate the disability services system.
  • Linking to non-Medicaid resources related to financial planning, renting, or purchasing a home, or applying for publicly-funded housing.

For more information about Eligibility & Enrollment click the link on the right, or submit a question on the Online Inquiry Form.

Have Questions About the Community Guide Program?

Give the Program Manager a call or send her an email:

Jeanette Kelly
3522 Haworth Drive
Raleigh, NC  27609
Fax: 919-782-1485
Phone: 919-781-3616, ext. 287