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Brain Injury Support

Any one can experience a brain injury. In fact, somewhere in America, a traumatic brain injury occurs every 23 seconds. Brain injuries can happen in an instant: a car accident, a fall from a ladder, a stroke, an athletic injury. Brain injuries can impact speech, memory, behavior and personality. It impacts every area of a person's life.

The road to recovery for brain injury survivors is often long, with physical healing being only the first step. But what happens then? How do you get back to your family? Your job? Your life?

Brain Injury Support Services:
One of the first such programs in the country, the Brain Injury Support Services program at Community Partnerships helps individuals who have sustained a brain injury work toward gainful employment.

Each individual and each brain injury is unique. Experience has taught us that an individualized approach leads to the greatest success. Services in our program include:

v Cognitive Rehabilitation -- Goal-oriented therapy to help participants learn or relearn skills that may have been compromised as a result of their injury. Includes, but is not limited to: memory, attention, impulsivity, abstract thinking, decision-making, interpersonal and social skills, and communication.

v Occupational Information -- Pre-vocational skills training to prepare participants for the workforce. Includes career exploration using a variety of assessment tools, job search techniques, resume-building and job application training, strategies for successful job interviews, and job retention skills training.

v Case Management -- Comprehensive guidance and counseling to help participants address their every day needs and help them connect to their communities. Assists participants with identifying, obtaining, and utilizing community resources, including transportation, housing, medical services and even leisure activities.

v Therapy -- Individual therapy helps participants deal with the depression, anxiety and other emotional issues that may result as they adjust to life after a brain injury. 

"Let Me Tell You About the Time I Got Killed."


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 The Brain Injury Support Services Program is accredited by CARF

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Eligibility for the Program

Find out if you or someone you know is elgible to enroll in the Brain Injury Support Services Program.