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Creating stronger communities one person at a time.

Community Partnerships, Inc. is committed to empowering people -- to helping them tap into their talents and strengths so that they can achieve their goals and live the lives of their choosing.

People are the heart and soul of every community. Working together, we create a place that we can call home. And yet, thousands of people are shut out of our community every day—simply because they look different, act different, or are facing challenges that many people don't understand.

Whether it is a child or adult with a disability, a young person struggling in school, or someone who has survived a brain injury, all of our services are rooted in a simple belief—that ALL people have the right to pursue their educational goals, earn a living wage, and be included in their communities.

Drawing on over 25 years of expertise, Community Partnerships’ programs get proven results for the people and communities we serve.

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